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Spies in the Night cartridges have been printed!  Scott posted this cool image to the Atari 2600 homebrews group on Facebook.  There will be three versions: a standard package with cart and manual only, a deluxe package with cart, manual, box, and some extra goodies, and a "black" version that is the same as the deluxe package, but the background in the game has been changed to black which makes the gameplay a bit more difficult.

Once the folks in the Facebook group have had a chance to purchase their copies, the remaining games will be sold in the marketplace forum of Atariage.com.

If demand for the game is high enough, Spies in the Night may be sold in the Atariage.com store as well.  I'll update everyone when I know more details.

Hey everyone!  I'm getting pretty excited about the imminent release of my new Atari 2600 game: Spies In The Night. Scott at NEO Games did a fantastic job putting everything together, and he ran off the first test carts a few days ago.  (Pictured) There will also be a box and manual for the game. So if you're still in the market for Atari games in the year 2017, make sure to pick one up! I'll post the link here once sales begin.